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Skooba Design 22' Wrap in Black

Walmart offered Skooba Design 22' Wrap in Black at $15.95. On 2013-12-16, Walmart reduced price by $2.16 from previous $18.11. It's the best offer since 2013-12-16. That was also the latest price drop.
This offer might be expired. The last price tracking was done on 2013-12-16.
Lowest historical price $15.95*

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Skooba Design 22' Wrap in Black
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Store Type Price Price Change When
Walmart Latest $15.95 -$2.16   2013-12-16
* price tracked since 2013-07-06
Type Price When
Latest $15.95 -$2.16 2013-12-16
First $18.11 2013-07-06
* price tracked since 2013-07-06


SKB1093 Features: 1/8-inch thick foam interlining throughout, to protect against bumps and jolts An ideal way to add an extra measure of carrying protection inside luggage, carry-ons, or other unpadded cases Hook / loop closures at all four corners allows wrap to be rolled and closed in virtually limitless configurations Construction: Constructed of velcro-compatible tricot exterior, scratch-free nylon pack cloth lining Layered construction and overlapping self-securing design conforms to contents like a protective ''cocoon'' Dimensions: Dimensions: 22'' H x 22'' W x 0.125'' D
Features and Specifications
TitleSkooba Design 22' Wrap in Black
BrandSkooba Design