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Tropical Fish Figurine Fan - by Deco Breeze - Model DBF0368

Newegg offers Tropical Fish Figurine Fan - by Deco Breeze DBF0368 at $74.85, the lowest price out of 4 sellers with Free Standard Shipping. On 2014-09-21, Newegg increased price by $0.02 from previous $74.83. It's still lower than the other retailers. On 2012-11-22, Home Depot made the biggest price drop by $16, offered at $64, made it the best offer since 2012-11-22.
Today’s best price $74.85
Lowest historical price $64*

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Tropical Fish Figurine Fan - by Deco Breeze DBF0368
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Store Type Price Price Change When
Newegg Latest $74.85   +$0.02 2014-09-21
Home Depot Latest $64 -$16   2012-11-22
* price tracked since 2012-06-14
Type Price When
Latest $74.85 2014-09-21
$74.83 2014-09-11
$74.82 2014-09-07
Lowest * $74.8 -$0.01 2014-08-30
$74.81 -$0.01 2014-08-25
$74.82 -$10.18 2014-08-23
First $85 2014-02-07
Home Depot
Latest $64 -$16 2012-11-22
First $80 2012-06-14
* price tracked since 2012-06-14

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Deco Breeze Fan. 7 in. Figurine Visit Store


Shop for Heating, Venting & Cooling at The Home Depot. Let this charming Tropical Fish Shaped Decorative Figurine Fan brighten your day while it keeps you cool. With its decorative appeal, a Figurine Fan can easily become a permanent part of any desk, vanity, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom door. Because of its good looks, this fan can be left out all year round! Not only does it provide phenomenal air flow, but it actually adds to the comfort of your room or office! It is also a great unique and functional gift.
Features and Specifications
TitleTropical Fish Figurine Fan - by Deco Breeze
BrandGlobal Product Resources
ShippingFree Standard Shipping


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