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AV12003-PortGigabitPassthroughPowerlineStarter Kit [ TL-PA8030 KIT ]

Home Depot Canada offers AV12003-PortGigabitPassthroughPowerlineStarter Kit [ TL-PA8030 KIT ] at $119.00. On 2016-08-29, Home Depot Canada reduced price by $40.99 from previous $159.99. It's the best offer since 2016-08-29. That was also the latest price drop. Click here for price change detail.
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Lowest historical price $119*
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Store Type Price Price Change When
Home Depot Canada Latest $119 -$40.99   2016-08-29
* price tracked since 2016-06-20
Type Price When
Home Depot Canada
Latest $119 -$40.99 2016-08-29
First $159.99 2016-06-20
* price tracked since 2016-06-20

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DescriptionAV12003-PortGigabitPassthroughPowerlineStarter Kit - Model TL-PA8030 KIT
ModelTL-PA8030 KIT