Prodigy/Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Tessera S-Curve Casting Combos
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Experience the superior performance of a rod and reel matched to your favorite fishing application and save money in the process. This combo pairs our top-selling casting reel with a technique-specific S-Curve rod developed by Skeet Reese.Since its introduction in 2003, the Prodigy has been our No. 1 selling casting reel and we're always working to improve its function and performance. Our latest model is the best yet with an all-new swept-back design on the handle and star drag. It gives the reel a more ergonomic feel in the hand, so you can spend more time fishing without strain. Effortless casts, slick retrieves and an ultralow-profile design team with the latest reel technology to put unparalleled performance in your hands. Sitting lower than the competitors, the Prodigy gives superior control and comfort when palming. In addition, this reel has a titanium-nitride line guide that's super-smooth and cutproof. The convenient Autocast clutch makes for worry-free casts. The precision gearing provides such smooth retrieves that any structure or fish vibrations are instantly telegraphed to your fingers and hand so you can respond quickly. S-Curve casting rods were designed by fishing pro Skeet Reese for specific fishing techniques. Four-layer S-curve blank construction resists cracking and has the ability to absorb the energy of hard strikes with authority. Superior strength, sensitivity and lifting power enable you to engage the fish and take control of the fight from hookset to landing net. Split, molded-rubber handles improve balance. Large fighting butts. Friction-free zirconium guides. Limited lifetime warranty.Cabela's Prodigy Casting ReelReelModelLineCapacity(yds./lb. test)GearRatioBearingsWeight(oz.)PRC200120/146.3:16+18.6PRC201*120/146.3:16+18.6*Left-hand model
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TitleProdigy/Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Tessera S-Curve Casting Combos
BrandCabela's/Wright & Mc