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Adesso(R) Symphony Floor Lamp, 63in., Black [ 3606-22 ]

Office Depot offers Adesso(R) Symphony Floor Lamp, 63in., Black [ 3606-22 ] at $115.99, the lowest price out of 2 sellers with Free Standard Shipping. Home Depot increased price by $10 from previous $115 after the Christmas holiday season sale in 2016. On 2016-08-18, Office Depot made the biggest price drop by $26, offered at $89.99, made it the best offer since 2016-08-23. Click here for price change detail.
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$115.99 Free Standard Shipping Visit Store Compare Prices from 2 sellers
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Store Type Price Price Change When
Office Depot Latest $115.99   +$26 2016-08-23
Home Depot Latest $125   +$10 2016-12-15
* price tracked since 2014-01-04
Type Price When
Office Depot
Latest $115.99 +$26 2016-08-23
Lowest * $89.99 -$26 2016-08-18
$115.99 -$12 2016-05-28
$127.99 +$16.6 2016-05-20
$111.39 +$21.4 2016-05-03
Lowest * $89.99 -$21.4 2016-04-26
$111.39 -$3.6 2016-04-08
$114.99 -$1 2016-04-04
$115.99 -$12 2016-03-31
$127.99 -$3 2016-03-25
$130.99 +$3 2016-02-25
$127.99 -$4 2016-02-19
$131.99 -$1 2016-02-12
$132.99 +$6 2016-01-28
$126.99 +$12 2016-01-26
$114.99 -$12 2016-01-21
$126.99 +$12 2016-01-14
$114.99 -$10 2015-09-17
$124.99 -$13 2015-09-14
$137.99 -$15 2015-08-31
$152.99 -$16 2015-08-17
$168.99 -$8 2015-07-20
First $176.99 2013-07-25
Home Depot
Latest $125 +$10 2016-12-15
$115 -$3.49 2016-12-09
$118.49 +$3.49 2016-12-07
$115 -$7.86 2016-09-12
$122.86 +$7.86 2016-09-10
$115 +$10.61 2016-08-20
$104.39 -$3.13 2016-07-15
$107.52 -$7.48 2016-07-14
$115 +$10.94 2016-06-23
$104.06 -$1.66 2016-06-09
$105.72 +$4.69 2016-06-05
$101.03 -$11.02 2016-05-26
$112.05 -$0.21 2016-04-28
$112.26 +$0.21 2016-04-23
$112.05 -$11.63 2016-04-21
$123.68 +$22.75 2016-03-25
$100.93 -$22.75 2016-01-11
$123.68 +$22.75 2016-01-01
$100.93 -$22.75 2015-11-12
$123.68 +$26.14 2015-10-16
Lowest * $97.54 -$2.93 2015-09-18
$100.47 -$0.52 2015-08-13
$100.99 -$18 2015-06-05
$118.99 +$0.5 2015-03-06
First $118.49 2014-01-04
* price tracked since 2014-01-04

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Adesso(R) Symphony Floor Lamp, 63in., Visit Store
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