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3-Pin black Standard program cable connector. [ (9SIA1D91MP2030) ]

Newegg offers 3-Pin black Standard program cable connector. [ (9SIA1D91MP2030) ] at $7.99 with Free Standard Shipping. Newegg reduced price by $10.23 from previous $18.22 on Christmas holiday season sale in 2016. It's the best offer since 2016-12-07. That was also the latest price drop. Click here for price change detail.
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Lowest historical price $7.99*
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Store Type Price Price Change When
Newegg Latest $7.99 -$10.23   2016-12-07
* price tracked since 2016-11-13
Type Price When
Latest $7.99 -$10.23 2016-12-07
First $18.22 2016-11-13
* price tracked since 2016-11-13


Description3-Pin black Standard program cable connector. Connects to most Directed electronics remote start and keyless entry systems
BrandDirected Electronics
ShippingFree Standard Shipping